E-commerce Fulfillment Services from Ferber Warehousing

Your order fulfillment services, suburban Detroit, Michigan:

Whatever you want to know – whenever you want to know!

Know what’s in . . . what’s out . . . and what’s in inventory.


Online order processing – Ferber Warehousing makes it easy!

  • Submit fulfillment services orders via web, fax, email, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) , FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or manual entry.
  • Order tracking from placement to delivery in the fulfillment services process
  • Cost-per-order pricing
  • Fulfillment orders in by 2 out by 5*
  • 24/7 online access to all your data
  • Receive complimentary automated back order notification
  • Take advantage of electronic tracking – from point of receipt through
    customer shipment and delivery
  • Print or display custom, on-demand reports as part of our order fulfillment process
  • Receive automated backorder notification
  • Save with best-cost transportation rate shipping analysis

Get Fulfillment Services from Ferber Warehousing
Ferber Warehousing Midwest USA makes it easy to know – what’s in, what’s out, and what’s in inventory.

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* Restrictions Apply


Re-Packaging and Kitting


We offer a variety of packaging options:

  • Hot and cold-seal packaging
  • Poly and corrugated bagging
  • Traditional corrugated cartons
  • Shrink and stretch wrapping
  • Customized packaging
  • Retail display assembly

Our production services include:

Our bar code labeling and locator system saves time
and assures accurate shipments.


Returns management


Returns management is more than just putting items back on the shelf it will improve customer relations and minimize costs.

Managing returns is as important as managing purchases.

Ferber Warehousing offers fulfillment and returns management (reverse logistics) strategies.

  • Returns receipt and disposition recording
  • Condition assessment and testing
  • Product verification
  • Fraud detection
  • Return to inventory/restocking
  • Consolidating and repackaging
  • Recall programs and processing
  • Cost-per-order pricing and analysis
  • Order Fulfillment Services Michigan processing and shipping of repackaged items
  • Waste disposal
  • Web-based inventory updates and reports on demand
  • Sales and return data analysis

We fulfill your orders and your returns!


Web-based Inventory Management

Control your inventory – control your profit!

Get a total picture of your business activities!

  • Instant inventory updateshttp://ferberwarehousing.com/images/fulfillment1.jpg
  • Automated Low Stock Alerts
  • Automated backorder notification
  • Audit Trails
  • Menu-driven reports on demand
  • Manufacturers cross reference reporting
  • Daily stock sold and backorder summary list


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