High volume fulfillment services




Ferber Midwest is committed to providing you with all the avenues
necessary to help get your products into the hands of your customers!

• We store products by SKU, Serial or Lot #

• Inventory is rotated using FIFO

• Always know your inventory status

• We provide labeling compliance for retail, automotive
and grocer standards.

• We generate customs documents and shipping
manifests for foreign shipments.

• Orders are picked by item location sequence
saving time and money expediting order

• Always know the status of each order [credit hold, future ship, and back order]

• We use bar code technology to improve
inventory control and order fulfillment.

• Connect to Woo Commerce, Shopify or Magento web store platforms.

• Map your inventory and order files through our API.

• Get instant visibility of quantity of items available for sale.

• Manage items that have serial or lot # specific order requirements.

• Benefit from instant e-mail notification of shipment tracking numbers.

• Have instant visibility of good available for sale.

• Receive UPS, Federal Express and Endicia order volume discounts.



Pay Only for the Space and Services Used


With Conveyorware Software:

• Use bar-coding to scan items in and out of inventory — if required

• Track inventory by serial and lot numbers

• Transfer inventory between warehouses and assign items to shelf locations

• Expedite order processing by organizing order sheets by item location

• Manage exchanges, refunds and warranty transactions (repair and replace)

• Perform complete physical inventory or cycle count options

• Manage back-orders, by item or customer

• Specify product re-order points–ensuring optimum inventory levels

• Use forecasting to analyze replenishment cycles

• Our inventory system contributes to the healthy growth of your business.




Our bar code scanning technology will verify your inventory from receipt to shipment and
track your product by stock number, lot or serial number.

• Built to save you time and maximize business profitability — for today and all tomorrows.

• Real-time inventory – updated as orders are shipped – and inbound items are scanned.

• Inventory integration between your warehouse and web store eliminating sales of “out of stock” items.

• Inventory order quantity is allocated before orders print – never lose an order

• View orders, inventory and sales history from any web-enabled device.

• Automatic stock reorder point reports save time and money
preventing out of stock conditions

• Automated backorders; orders won’t print with items out of stock
unless selected

• Upload your customer’s inventory and order records
by File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Application program interface (API)

• Conveyorware permits unlimited future ship dates
What makes Ferber Warehousing Different?


Profit from instant visibility of each inventory movement –
each product order – each stock quantity – all in real time.

Maximize Earnings – – Maximize Growth
Optimum inventory levels lead to satisfied customers and
reduced inventory costs.

Fulfillment accuracy –
Bar-coded picking
achieves “zero-errors”

Huge Business Benefits
for Years to Come!



Thorough Inventory Inspection

Features Include:

Sorting & Repacking
Inventory Control
Sequencing Kitting

Accuracy Ensured

The longevity and history of the Ferber businesses in the wholesale and retail
industries separates us from our competitors. Powered by Conveyorware
Software the Ferber team tracks and monitors client orders.
“Ferber clients know that their orders will be correct every time.”
-Fred Ferber, CEO

Representative Clients

ABB Robotics – Faurecia – Peterson Spring – Valeo Engineering – Polyrit
Lear – Inergy Automotive – Hanwha – TSM Corp – Delta Engineering +++
Awards and Recognitions

● Delivery Performance Award ● Supplier Quality Excellence
● Supplier of the Year for On-Time and Accurate Shipments