Distribution, Fulfillment & Storage Services for Beer, Wine & Liquor

  • Climate controlled beer, wine and liquor storage
  • Storage area has segregated secured gating for each distributor
  • Retail bar code labels created and printed on-site
  • Real time inventory and data visibilityLiquor Distribution
  • EDI & FTP services for complex beer, wine and liquor distribution requirements.
  • Beer, wine and liquor can be shipped by bottle, carton, case or pallet

Ferber Warehousing provides storage at all of it’s fulfillment facilities. We use physically caged storage areas and partitioned alarm systems to prevent unauthorized entry into any fulfillment area not in use. Only warehouse employees are allowed in the storage facility.

We use on-site closed-circuit monitoring of the entire complex. Our security systems are monitored on a 24-hour 7 day basis and detect any movement during the facility’s non-operating hours to insure your valuable inventory of beer, wine and liquor remains safe and secure.

Timely, accurate, and cost effective . . . what else is there?

Web enabled real time view of inventory orders and costs

Any question you may have please call 248-650-2870


What Clients Say About Our Distribution Services

  • Dear Nhia and the entire Ferber Warehousing Staff: I wanted to take a minute to send you a well overdue thank you. Ferber Warehousing has been an outstanding partner for us! We rely on you for quick response and accurate fulfillment services of our orders. You never fail to deliver. I prepare requests often and then make several changes, giving you very little time to process these orders. Ferber Warehousing always responds with "No problem" and "We'll have it ready for you." It is a pleasure working with all of you! On the rare occasion that there is a problem (usually due to some miscommunication on our end) you resolve it immediately. We are so pleased with the service that Ferber Warehousing delivers that we have recommended you to our distributor. Please extend out thanks to Christopher, Walter, Dianne, Mr. Ferber and all the others who “touch” our account behind the scenes. You have a great team, one that we are proud to have working with us! ”–Ann Allard of J&J Importers Wines of Distinction Bloomfield Hills, MI