QC and Sorting

Ferber Warehousing’s high volume QC and Sorting options offer tools and software that can help you achieve the right lean manufacturing principles to meet changing market demands. Our systematic inspection allows us the ability to inspect thousands of parts at a fraction of the cost typically incurred by the manufacturer. Ensuring high quality parts and eliminating issues at the assembly level.

How does Quality Inspection Work? By utilizing detailed instructions from our clients we can achieve and exceed QC standards practiced at your facility. Our employees utilize visual, touch and fixture based methods. We have the ability to rework parts that do not meet or exceed the quality threshold set forth. Please call if you have questions.

E-Commerce integration

Freight and Shipping Management

Feber Warehousing automatically determines the best carrier and best rates for each shipment daily.

Keep Your Focus on Sales and Growth

Let Ferber Warehousing handle the fulfillment operations everyday. We’ll keep it simple and efficient so you can focus on your core business.

Same Day Order Processing

Your customers will be a new sort of happy when their order is processed the same day.

Customize the Delivery Experience

Use custom labeling, packaging, inserts or co-packing to deliver the best experience to your customers.

Return Processing

Everyone does it. But can your supply chain handle it? Ferber Warehousing can process returns, inspect them, and even repair or repackage them as needed.

Order Tracking

So your customer isn’t anxious about their order, Our warehouse software offer order tracking. Your team can also see order tracking so they can communicate with the customer when needed.

Online Inventory

With our software you will have the power in your hands with online inventory management. Monitor stock levels, place holds, and receive re-order notices and supply notices.