Special Offers


Complimentary first load!

Ferber Warehousing will receive, store and Ship your first load of goods at no charge
To get acquainted with our services and fees
Free storage applies to the first 30 days.


Pay Only for Space and Services you Use

Ferber Warehousing requires no Long Term Commitment
Rapid Turnaround: Orders in by 2 are out by 5 for $1 or less*

* Conditions apply


Moving Cost Assistance

Ferber Warehousing will discount your storage rate by 10% until the transportation cost* of your original inbound transfer (first load) has been satisfied.
Proof of the transit cost must be evidenced by a freight bill.

* Transfer complete within 5 days

* Shipments within Continental US only


Complimentary Physical Inventory

Ferber Warehousing will conduct a complete physical inventory of all transferred barcoded items upon receipt and will transmit the file to you.


Shipping Discounts

Up to 10% discount for clients who ship via UPS, Fed-Ex or common carrier using our accounts. Greater discount percentage based on size, weight and
volume of orders.
Complimentary ConveyorWare® Business Distribution Software ($500 Monthly Value)

Order processing / History of Sales – All Ferber Storage clients benefit from secured internet access to real-time data of their inventory and order status. Also included is a history which contains tracking number and carton content information for all shipments.
Valuable Inventory Reports – PDF or Excel format – Scheduled or On-Demand

  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Inventory at Cost and Market Price
  • Stock Sales Analysis at Cost vs. Prior Year
  • Inventory sorted by Manufacturer
  • Stock Sales Analysis at Market vs. Prior Year
  • Inventory Manufacturers Cross Reference

Financial reports * – A $300 Monthly Value. This system provides our clients with a wide range of financial tools from purchase orders to accounts payable, income statements and balance sheets. Developed by a businessman for real-world business use, it is rich in features, easy to use and features field sensitive help and drop down selectable options eliminating operator entry.

* Complimentary use with a monthly billing (space + services) of $ 5,000. Based on availability.
All features available via any web enabled device. (BlackBerry, iPhone, etc.)
Complimentary On-Site Offices
Smart Office * – A $300 Monthly Value.
Earn a smart office complete with high speed internet access, and shared fax and copy machines.

* Available with a monthly billing (space + services) of $3,000. Based on availability.

Private Office * -A $500 Monthly Value.
Earn a furnished private office, complete with high speed internet access, fax and copy machines.

* Available with a monthly billing (space + services) of $5,000. Based on availability.