Technology Benefits

Seamless Connectivity  – From your system …… to ours.

  • Check inventory and order status without leaving your desk.
  • Enjoy low stock reorder point notifications.
  • Free your company from tracking daily shipments, receive shipment notifications automatically.

Unique Bar-Coded Packing Slips

Confirm accuracy of every stock number, quantity, lot or serial number picked before shipping.

Escape the Grid lock of batch processing.

Enjoy real time visibility of all your inventory movements, orders, and shipments.

Personnel Time Savers

Enter your orders directly into our system or export your order file to our FTP site or transmit your orders file via EDI automatically. Our Conveyorware® distribution software allows our clients to view detailed and summary order and shipment information. View full or partial back-orders, and select future shipment dates.

Managing your inventory is like managing your money

Take advantage of low-stock alerts, pending inventory order totals as well as sales performance data by month, year or prior year. You have access to your inventory quantities at all times.

Have questions on an order that’s been shipped?

Get the tracking number and carton content of each box that was shipped – conveniently from our history screens. No need to keep paper shipping records.

Sample Bill of Lading (BOL)

Technology Benefits – Personnel Time 

  • Order Processing– Export your order file directly into Conveyorware
    We provide the flexibility of your staff entering orders directly into our system via secured web access, or export your order file to a FTP site where our system will retrieve it and convert it automatically and produce a picking ticket.The Conveyorware® order entry software we provide allows our clients to view detailed shipment activity, view full or partial back-orders, as well as select future shipping dates.
  • Inventory Control – Managing your inventory is like managing your money.
    Our Conveyorware® inventory control system features low-stock alerts, pending inventory orders totals as well as sales performance data by the month, year, and prior year all conveniently displayed.Review your inventory quantities at any time, or schedule an automatic email sent to any single or multiple e-mail addresses.
  • History File – Answer client’s questions with ease and certainty.
    Our Conveyorware® history provides detailed records of shipment tracking data, carton content and weight. No need to keep manual paper invoices, all data can be detailed or summarized in a variety of layouts using our menu driven sales reports.

Your Orders Delivered to Our Warehouse

Your Orders from… EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

Your Orders from… your web store

Your Orders from… your call center

Your Orders from… your desktop

Ferber’s ConveyorWare® Business Distribution Software offers valuable savings to a wide range of clients of all sizes.

Unique Bar-Coded Packing Slips

Order Processing

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Order Processing

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Order List

Inventory Control

Inventory Control

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