Ferber Cross-Docking

Strategically located in suburban Detroit, Ferber cross-docking provides logistical unloading from incoming semi-trailers and shipping containers. Being in close proximity to three Canadian points of entry gives your business an unparalleled edge in the international marketplace. Ferber cross-docking clocks in over 35 years of experience and an extensive array of technologies all at your disposal. With over 17 docks and loading doors the premises is equipped to handle every type of freight.

Simply put: this is done directly, with minimal to no warehousing, in a facility uniquely tailored to your needs.

Our clients rely on us to receive, store and ship large volumes of goods timely and as always with zero errors.


For retail cross docking concerns receiving products from multiple suppliers and sorting them to outbound shipments to different stores.  The world’s biggest retailers deliver about 85% of their merchandise using a cross-docking system.


For distribution, cross-docking can be used to consolidate inbound products from different suppliers which can be delivered when the last inbound shipment is received. The costly inventory function of a distribution center becomes minimal, while still maintaining the value-added functions of consolidation of shipping. Shipments typically spend less then 24 hours in the distribution center, sometimes less than an hour. 


For manufacturing, cross-docking can be used to consolidate inbound supplies, which can be prepared to support just-in-time assembly. 


For transportation, cross-docking involves the consolidation of shipments from several suppliers (often in LTL batches) in order to achieve economics of scale. For international transportation, the freight carriers from each country can meet at the cross dock location to transfer merchandise from one carrier to the next, for easier border crossings and more efficient freight movement

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