Special Offers

Pay Only for Space and Services you Use

Ferber Warehousing requires no Long Term Contract
Rapid Turnaround: Orders in by 2:00pm are out by 5:00pm*

* Conditions apply

Complimentary Physical Inventory

Ferber Warehousing will conduct a physical inventory of all transferred barcoded items upon receipt and will transmit the file to you.

Complimentary Conveyorware® Business Distribution Software ($750 Monthly Value)

Order Processing / History of Sales – All Ferber Warehousing clients benefit from secured internet access to real-time data of their inventory and order status. Also included is a shipment history which contains a tracking number and carton content information for each shipment.

Valuable Inventory Reports – PDF or Excel format – Scheduled or On-Demand

  • Low Inventory Alerts
  • Inventory at Cost and Market Price
  • Stock Sales Analysis at Cost vs. Prior Year
  • Inventory Sorted by Manufacturer
  • Stock Sales Analysis at Market vs. Prior Year
  • Inventory Manufacturers Cross Reference